Instruction Folders

If the budget does not stretch to me running the activities you can buy Instruction Folders for all of them. Click on the links below to see the index pages for each instruction folder. Except for the Enterprise Activity I have grouped them in to the activities that use the STIXX machine, one for primary and one for secondary, those that mainly use glue guns, those that use K'nex (the construction kit) and the rest are in the 'Not [the others] instruction folder'. Each folder has the same format: introduction, H&S, the activities themselves then advice on how to use the equipment, how I manage and time the activities, followed by advice on sourcing all the materials required. The Enterprise activity is in a separate folder.

STIXX Stool Presentation of STIXX Pop Up TV
Twista StoolEnterprise presentation of a ’Pop Up TV’

The folders contain all the knowledge I have gained whilst running the activities in schools over the last six years. For instance the Fairground Carousel, Motor has been built over 500 times. Hopefully the folders will assist you in avoiding the mistakes I have made over the years!

For more information click on the instruction folder you are intersted in below, to see the table of contents.

All are available on paper in a folder or on a memory stick. If you want both please add £30.

Instruction Folder Price
Primary STIXX Instruction Folder £149.00
Secondary STIXX Instruction Folder £149.00
Combined Primary and Secondary STIXX Instruction Folder £275.00
K'nex Instruction Folder* £149.00
Glue Gun Instruction Folder £169.00
Not (the others) Instruction Folder £124.00
STIXX-based Enterprise Activities Instruction Folder £199.00

* Box of specially adapted k'nex parts with cams etc. fitted available for purchase with the K'nex instruction folder to maximise the use of the instructions. Details on request. Price £151.00.